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Phoebe Chen has been acclaimed due to her ability to capture the contradictions and intensity of her generation, with simplicity and originality. Combining hand-rendered line work using ink pens with a final digital touch, the artist has precociously found her own tone to conceptualize her interpretations of feminine issues, inspired by her daily life.


Phoebe Chen is simultaneously an observer and absorbs of people’s routine and daydreams and her obvious talent allows her to beautifully transform her vivid imagination into an exquisite series of illustrations. The audacious physicality of her work unveils the hidden gems of a millennial artist in her formative moment.


SOLO: Phoeradise, Dark Matter Gallery, Prague (2016)

SOLO: Phoebe Chen personal exhibition, 春囍, Taiwan (2016)
GROUP: Everday ART Gallery, Taiwan (2017)

GROUP: WE CONTEMPORARY 2018, Musa Art Space, Palermo (2018)



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 <Drawn Vol.1>, Crooks Press, 2017
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WE CONTEMPORARY 2018, Musa Art Space
Circle Quarterly Art Review-Spring 2018 issue

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